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GFEM is an advocate to our grantmaker colleagues, encouraging them to fund innovative media arts and public interest media—through support of content, infrastructure, and policy—as a vital form of cultural expression and essential component of our democracy. Whether providing support for documentary or narrative films, or efforts to close the national or international “digital divide,” or supporting advocacy and educational organizations to keep the Internet unrestricted, or highlighting media advancements being made in developing countries, or the evolving media policies in developed nations-GFEM’s aim is to provide small and large funders alike with information to assist them in making decisions about supporting the interconnected areas of media content, infrastructure and policy.


A television program or film puts a face on an issue. A radio news feature or documentary brings a tangible reality to recited facts. Video streamed on a website underscores issues presented in plain text and can move people to action. Whether the content is targeted to public or commercial media outlets, funders need a working understanding of the entire media landscape in order to be most effective in their grantmaking. View Content articles


A high-speed, unfettered Internet, community-based media arts organizations, PBS, NPR, Public/Educational/Government (PEG) public access stations, or mobile phones are all a part of our media infrastructure—GFEM provides funders with information to help them in supporting media infrastructure, whether local, national, or international. View Infrastructure articles


Restrictive media policies can curtail access to the content we do have through the infrastructure we currently have in place. There are clear roles for funders to play in helping to address media policy issues and GFEM works to keep funders abreast of the constantly shifting media policy environment. View Policy articles

National Broadband Strategy Summit: A Call to Action

In the 21st century, a world-class broadband Internet infrastructure will be as critical to economic well-being as water, electricity and transportation. Whether the U.S. is rapidly falling ...

Digital TV Recommendations by Consumer Advisory Committee

This two page summary details key recommendations made by the Consumer Advisory Committee to the Federal Communications Commission that were left out of the Commission's official order. Thank you ...

Media Policy and the Next Presidency: The Time is Now

By Laura Efurd, Chief Community Investment Officer, ZeroDivideAnyone keeping up with the Presidential primaries knows that there is little certainty in this year’s Presidential election. The one ...

Net Neutrality is a Civil Rights Issue

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Free Press teamed up to produce this important Op-Ed that re-frames the timely issue of Network Neutrality as part-and-parcel of the work for civil ...

Report Details How TV Retailers Mislead Consumers on the Upcoming Digital TV Transition

One year from now 22 million Americans who rely on free over-the-air analog broadcasting will be at risk of losing access to TV. On February 17, 2009, analog televisions that receive over-the-air ...

January Call with Mark Cooper, Notes and Audio

Lessons from '07, Opportunities for Election Year '08

Public access TV and the trend towards "state-level" franchises

This month's issue of Governing Magazine features an excellent and accessible article about the impact of telephone and cable company-funded state franchising on public access TV:

NHMC Supports Senator Menendez' Call to Update Study on Media and Hate Crimes

December 10, 2007 --- The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) issued a public statement thanking U.S. Senator Robert Menendez for his leadership in addressing the increasing hate speech in ...

Q&A: Chester Writes the Book on Privacy

audio icon
By Wendy Melillo, December 11, 2007[Source:] WASHINGTON, As advertisers unleash powerful new tools that allow them to target ads based on age, gender, political views or taste in ...