A Guided Tour of GFEM's Media Database

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Join us for an audiovisual tour of the GFEM Media Database, a new online portal where funders can learn about media content, policy, and infrastructure projects posted by qualified grantseekers.

Private Foundations Now Eligible to Receive Microsoft Software Donations Through

[Source:, March 29, 2012]
Microsoft makes over 250 products available for donation through TechSoup, including its most popular and widely used desktop products such as Microsoft Office, Windows 7, and Project, as well as ...

Commercial Sector Dwarfs Philanthropy in Media Support

[Source: Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media, by Peter B. Kaufman, Mary Albon, April 20, 2010]
Baltimore, MD – Despite the pervasiveness of media, the amount of philanthropic dollars in support of public interest media remains minuscule.  The findings, released today by ...

Resources from "Art of Copyright" Session at Grantmakers in the Arts

[Source: Nathan Cummings Foundation and Media Democracy Fund, November 7, 2011]
Maurine Knighton of the Nathan Cummings Foundation and Yolanda Hippensteele of the Media Democracy Fund led a discussion on the "Art of Copyright" at Grantmakers in the Arts, which delved into the ...

Social Justice Documentary: Designing for Impact

[Source: Center for Social Media, October 10, 2011]
Over the past decade, a lively debate has emerged around questions of how best to assess the rising impact of social issue documentaries.

Net Neutrality Resources from the Benton Foundation

[Source: The Benton Foundation, October 2, 2011]
See the Benton Foundation for an excellent compilation of articles relating to the recently published net neutrality rules, and the anticipated lawsuits in response.

Media and Immigration: An International Dialogue Organized by the French-American Foundation

[Source: French-American Foundation, September 21, 2011]
In November 2009 and in May 2010, the French-American Foundation convened two international symposia as part of its Media Coverage of Immigration (MCI) program, bringing together American and ...

Wired and Wireless Broadband: What's at Stake for Rural Communities?

[Source: Center for Media Justice, by Amalia Deloney, July 18, 2011]
On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, the Center for Media Justice brought together 20 individuals from 17 organizations across the country to examine the role of wired and wireless broadband access in rural ...

A Growing Digital Divide: Internet Freedom and the Negative Impact of Command-and-Control Networking

[Source: New America Foundation, by Sascha D. Meinrath, James Losey and Benjamin Lennett, July 19, 2011]
There is a growing consensus that communications is a fundamental right. However, achieving digital equality in the broadband age has become considerably more complex than just universal access. ...