For Grant Seekers

GFEM is not a funding organization. We do not offer grants or fundraising advice.

GFEM's primary mission is to encourage our grantmaker colleagues to consider funding or increase their funding of compelling, innovative social issue media as a field.


GFEM does have an online tool to help funders learn about promising media projects in development. We invite you to visit the GFEM Media Database website. Review the guidelines and browse the projects that have already been uploaded. We encourage you to post media projects that you feel would be suitable to submit for review. There is no fee for using this service.

Projects may be related to:

  • Content: Projects designed for film or electronic media platforms: television, radio, theaters, web sites, mobile content, installations and more.
  • Media policy: Projects that focus on addressing media policy issues. Projects within this category may focus on issues such as advocacy, education, government policy and access.
  • Infrastructure: Projects related to deploying or reinforcing the infrastructure required to bring media to audiences. Projects in this area have to do with innovation, development, training, capacity building and support of small or large-scale information delivery and telecommunications systems. This can include community-based media arts centers, PEG access centers, public or community radio and television stations, mobile, satellite, or other systems.

Grantseekers load projects into the site through a series of web-based forms. GFEM staff review projects, and, if approved for inclusion, projects become entries in the online database. Grantmakers will be able to search the database to look for projects to support.

In order to be eligible for inclusion, you must already have at least one foundation or government funder attached to your project. Our intent is to create a destination site for grantmakers who want to support public-interest media.

In order to make the site a destination for funders, we need to ensure that it is populated with quality projects. Our capacity to review and evaluate a lengthy project proposal is limited. If a project already has at least one foundation or government funder, it is more likely that the project has gone through a proposal review and vetting process in the philanthropic sector. This is an added level of evaluation and appraisal that we feel will be of value to other potential funders.

The GFEM Media Database is not designed to replace a full project proposal. Our goal is to spur connections between grantseekers and grantmakers – to support a more robust public-interest media sector.

In the addition to the GFEM Media Database, funding resources are offered by the following organizations:

We wish you the best in finding the right support for your project.