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Food for 9 Billion
Food for 9 Billion is an independently produced feature series for public radio and TV that examines the social, environmental, economic, political and technical dimensions of humankind's struggle to put food on the table.

The Iraqi Seed Project
The Iraqi Seed Project is a cross-platform educational resource and media project examining the long history of agriculture in Iraq and the legacy left to farmers in the region after years of war, sanctions and environmental neglect.




Open Minds Open Mouths
Open Minds Open Mouths is a one-hour documentary project that presents a multifacted story of a determined community of cooks, educators, parents, health advocates and food purveyors in Berkeley, California who are creating the replicable School Lunch Initiative and changing how our children eat.



A Recipe for Change
A Recipe for Change, a feature-length documentary film (currently in production), chronicles an ambitious effort to "green" the Baltimore City school diet and ensure the city's 83,000 public school students are fed healthy, nutritious, locally-grown meals.

The Bagel: An Immigrant's Story
This one hour documentary tells the fascinating tale of the bagel's transcendence from urban Jewish street food to America's favorite mass-market breakfast, and relates how the bagel itself has changed - and changed people's lives - in the process.