NKDPS Announces Grants Totaling $210,000 for Seven Media and Communications Projects

The Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere program (NKDPS) of the Social Science Research Council is pleased to announce the seven recipients of $30,000 grants for collaborative media and communications research projects. The research topics range from “Hate Speech in the Media” to “Global Best Practices for Community Wireless Networks”.

The program brings together academic researchers with practitioners, advocates, and activists on issues central to creating a richer and more democratic public sphere. Chosen from a pool of 46 applicants, the seven winning projects are:

  • "Assessing for Change: A Study on Latino Media Advocacy Efforts"
  • "Building a Democratic Regulatory Framework for Community Radios in Thailand"
  • "Digital Inclusion: Working Both Sides of the Equation"
  • "Hate Speech in the Media"
  • "Creating a Women’s Media Equity Collaborative: New Funding Models for Feminist Media"
  • "From the Digital Divide to Digital Excellence: Global Best Practices for Community Wireless Networks"
  • "Mobile Voices: Participatory Action Research for Mobile Community Among Immigrants in Los Angeles"
Click here for descriptions of each project, including information about the principal researchers and collaborating organizations.

The Collaborative Grants project which is supported by funding from the Ford Foundation. Now in its third year, the program works to foster a culture of collaboration between academic and advocacy communities, both in the United States and abroad, on issues of media policy, media reform and media justice.

The Collaborative Grants project awards Small Grants of $7,500, Large Grants of $30,000, Emergency Grants (up to $30,000), and Research Bounties (up to $10,000) via an open, competitive selection process. Grant selection is conducted by an external review committee, with representation from academic and advocacy communities.

For further information, please visit the project's website or contact them via email: mediahub(AT)ssrc.org.