New Online Forum: Making Communications Research Matter

This new initiative is a strong step forward in advancing a dialogue about the relationship between communications research and policymaking. The project by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) will foster an ongoing set of commentaries by participants within the field—researchers, advocates, and policymakers.

The Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere program of the SSRC is pleased to launch the forum, entitled ‘Making Communications Research Matter.’

The first round of six essays were initially published in the April issue of the International Journal of Communication and are now featured as the opening essays of the online forum. The topics include:

  1. Academic Research and Its Limited Impact on Telecommunications Policy Making
  2. Comparative Media Law Research and Its Impact on Policy
  3. Research In Government Agency Decisions — Observations About the FCC
  4. The Role of Academic Research in Media Policy Making: The Case Study of Hong Kong

The forum is open for comments and discussion. SSRC is inviting those in the media policy field to share their knowledge, experience and opinions by contributing an essay ( or commenting on the articles.

To be notified of new essays as soon as they are posted, grab the forum’s RSS feed.