Video: "Broadband Revolution: Developing a National Broadband Strategy"

The United States continues to plummet in international rankings in terms of broadband adoption, speeds and costs. This panel discussion presented by the New America Foundation addresses policy recommendations for an affirmative national broadband policy to promote more affordable and ubiquitous access to high-bandwidth Internet connectivity (broadband).

The event also features a case study of the e-NC authority in North Carolina, which has been at the forefront of state-level efforts to promote availability and adoption of broadband, with a particular emphasis on rural and distressed urban areas.

Speakers include FCC Commissioners Copps and Adelstein, policy expert Jim Baller, Jane Smith Patterson of the e-NC Authority, and Michael Calabrese, Director of the Wireless Future Program at the New America Foundation.

View the video highlights (9 mins) and the full video (1 hour, 57 mins).