Common Cause Releases Media Policy Agenda for the New Administration

This plan of action for the next president and Congress details the policies that advocacy group Common Cause has identified to ensure that the media is a full partner in enhancing our democracy and serving the public. The highly readable report is entitled "Media and Democracy in America Today: A Reform Plan for a New Administration."

The document identifies specific problems with how the media is serving — or not serving — our democracy, and proposes practical solutions. It addresses long-term issues that will require continual attention, such how well the media is serving local community interests, and also addresses urgent issues such as the digital television transition. Some of the solutions proposed require federal legislation, some will require the FCC to act, and some will require other solutions.

The key point to the document is that while there are very real and serious problems, there also are real solutions available — and with a new administration and Congress there is a window of opportunity to make them happen.

The first fourteen pages feature the very clearly laid out "problem/solution" sections mentioned above, and are followed by a number of very illuminating charts, including one detailing donations from media and technology companies to each Congressional candidate.

Read the report here.