A Big Tent in Denver Links Delegates to Media Reform Efforts

At the Democrats' recent convention in Denver, advocates for media policy reform created a unique forum to discuss the impact of media on democracy with an audience of the nation’s opinion leaders. 

On August 26th, Common Cause and the Media Democracy Coalition convened the Symposium on Media and Democracy to showcase media and telecommunications issues at equal billing with hot-button issues such as health care and the environment. Coalition members discussed the importance of our media, how it is failing the public and what solutions can be implemented.

See video from four of the presentations below.

The Symposium was part of four days of programming at the Big Tent, a two-story tent that hosted a diverse group of bloggers and independent media from around the country.

At its peak, a keynote by Dan Rather, the Symposium attracted hundreds of bloggers, activists, and delegates. Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and Common Cause President Bob Edgar were just a few of the guests that helped advocates highlight meaningful media issues.

The collaborative effort was made possible through many contributions of time and energy by the broad membership of the Coalition. Dozens of organizations suggested names of delegates that should be invited, and helped publicize the event back in their states. Others participated in workshops and lent valuable support by reaching out to high profile speakers and sponsoring the activities - in particular, Free Press, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Media Access Project, National Hispanic Media Coalition, and the Future of Music Coalition.

Videos from the Symposium on Media and Democracy In Denver, August 26th:

  1. FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and Common Cause President Bob Edgar - Commissioner Adelstein and Bob Edgar spoke about the importance of our media in this country and the urgent need for change.
  2. Where Are the Issues? - Critical issues in our society are being left out of the mainstream media. Join us as we discuss the impacts of this lack of coverage from the perspectives of national leaders on climate change, youth political engagement and civil rights.
  3. Net Neutrality Discussion - The freedom of the internet is hanging in the balance. Leading net neutrality advocates will highlight current victories and lay out a plan for success in the future.
  4. Dan Rather's Keynote - Coming from decades of network broadcasting, Dan Rather joined Common Cause to talk about the importance of independent journalism.