New Report "Public Media 2.0": Public Media Will Be Bigger, Better, Different From Public Broadcasting


Co-authored by Center for Social Media Director Pat Aufderheide and Future of Public Media Project Director Jessica Clark, "Public Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics" offers an expanded vision for public media: multiplatform, participatory, and centered around informing and mobilizing networks of engaged users.

Showcasing trends and experiments from the "first two minutes" of public media 2.0, the report provides a map of opportunities and ways to make the most of them. It offers a glimpse of tomorrow by showing how experiments in public media 2.0 are emerging across sites and sectors-from political debates on Wikipedia, to environmental discussions in Second Life, to community-based media shared via mobile phones.

Based on four years of research, the report also suggests that public broadcasting could play a central role in public media 2.0—but only if the medium is properly restructured and supported.

"The people formerly known as the audience have reorganized themselves into networks," said Jessica Clark, director of the center's Future of Public Media Project. "That throws open the doors for what public media can be."
Read the Executive Summary for "Public Media 2.0."