Deadline Looming: FCC to Grant Full Power Radio Non-Commercial Educational Licensing

From Guatemala to Georgia, India to Illinois, people working for change have built radio stations in their communities. For the first and perhaps last time in a generation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is opening a window (from October 12-19,2007) to grant full power non-commercial educational (NCE) licenses to eligible nonprofits in geographic locations where they are able to identify open signals on the radio dial. For background information on this opportunity see the article on GFEM’s Web site by Vincent Stehle, Program Officer for Nonprofit Sector Initiative at the Surdna Foundation by clicking here.

For a Full Power FM Radio License Fact Sheet visit:The Future of Music Coalition

The Non-Commercial / Educational Mapping Project, organized and funded by: Prometheus Radio Project, National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Public Radio Capital and Pacifica Foundation and intended to be the first step in finding available Full Power FM channels across the country, can be found here.