New Channel Focusing on Philanthropy Announced

The Philanthropy Channel is a national, multimedia public service campaign aimed at the general public, legislators, opinion leaders and the always influential media. It will highlight the often unnoticed good accomplished by America’s private foundations and encourage these organizations to collaborate more fully for the nation’s benefit.

By using film and television to tell compelling stories about the innovative good works being done by America’s vast network of mostly small and unrecognized charitable foundations, the Philanthropy Channel seeks to promote the spirit of philanthropy in America. The message - a person needn’t be wealthy or famous to make a difference, but those that are should be encouraged to do more. There is an unprecedented transfer of inter-generational wealth currently underway in this country.

The Philanthropy Channel's goal is to increase the share of the wealth that is earmarked for charitable giving beyond the traditional ten percent. But that is not the only goal of the Philanthropy Channel. It intends to mobilize young people to work with the many nonprofits offering opportunities to youth … to inspire young people to give whatever, wherever, and whenever they can to help our country’s many individuals and communities in need. MTV’s “Rock the Vote,” a movement aimed at mobilizing young people to become involved politically, is an opportunity offered by the influential media that is already a target in the Philanthropy Channel’s sights.

The Philanthropy Channel intends to keep the nation aware of the newsworthy contributions America’s nearly 68,000 foundations are making to the quality of our lives and neighborhoods. The venture is in the formative stage with the “beta” programming scheduled to be launched November – December 2007 and a feature film by the end of 2008. So far we have the cooperation of CBS and the American Film Institute and have enlisted the talents of one of the world’s most celebrated film producers and three of its most talented young film directors. For more information about The Philanthropy Channel click here.