Resources from GIA's Art + Technology Preconference

[Source: October 26, 2011]

The 2011 GIA annual conference provided grantmakers an opportunity to focus on issues at the intersection of art, technology and social change. The overarching theme - the velocity of change - was front and center during the Art + Technology Pre-conference on October 9 in San Jose, CA.

Particpants explored technology and the arts from the grantmaker’s perspective, saw technology's impact on arts engagement and support, and heard from visionary leaders like Joaquin Alvarado, Senior Vice President for Digital Innovation at American Public Media/Minnesota Public Radio.

GFEM was pleased to work with GIA to help organize two preconference sessions (session resources - including slides, videos and case studies are available at the bottom of this page).

Session 1: Innovations in Digital Storytelling - Opportunities for Engagement across Disciplines

Elders Project

Presented by Wendy Levy, senior strategist, Tomorrow Partners and former creative director, Bay Area Video Coalition; and Matthew Meschery, director of digital initiatives, Independent Television Service. 
As technology-driven communications continue to upend top-down approaches to program development, organizations are challenged to remain relevant and connected to their communities. This session  examined how transmedia and new digital storytelling forms are transcending traditional documentary and video to create new forms of audience engagement.

See Wendy Levy's presentation below.
See Matthew Meschery's resources below.

Learn more about Transmedia in this Henry Jenkins video:


Session 2: Technology at Play - Games as Innovation and Exchange in Arts Spaces

Art Games

Presented by Donald Brinkman, program manager, digital humanities, digital heritage, and games for learning, Microsoft Research; and Michelle Byrd, co-president, Games for Change.
  Interactive and digital games are moving from living rooms and video arcades into art museums and galleries. Participants learned about game developed and innovative uses of games as a storytelling and engagement platform.

See Donald Brinkman's presentation below.
See Michelle Byrd's presentation below.


More Resources

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For videos of GIA's annual conference plenary speakers see GIA's YouTube channel.

For a great round up of the pre-conference and main conference see Ian David Moss's post.

For innovative web storytelling approaches see a new collaboration between Mozilla and ITVS here.

Learn about some current issues in gaming, including the Supreme Court's recent ruling that video games deserve First Amendament protection, and interesting demographic information on gamers.

To explore some games:

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