ObscuraCam and Mobile Privacy

[Source: WITNESS, February 1, 2012]

The innovative ObscuraCam is a software camera that protects your privacy and data, developed by WITNESS and The Guardian Project. With this technology, WITNESS hopes to set a standard for smartphone developers, urging them to think about how our basic human rights can be protected as they design the devices millions of people use. This project is part of WITNESS’ new Leadership Initiative, which ensures that people turning to video for human rights use it as effectively and safely as possible.
The main activities of WITNESS' Cameras Everywhere Leadership Initiative include:
  • Advocating to technology companies and human rights activists about key recommendations emerging from their networks, campaigns and research;
  • Developing autonomous tools through WITNESS Labs such as the Secure Smart Camera App (ObscuraCam);
  • Promoting understanding and facilitation of informed consent as well as how to conceal identity and provide for visual anonymity;
  • Encouraging the use of tools to provide authentication and context for human rights video as well as efficient ways to aggregate and share it;
  • Promoting effective policy solutions; and
  • Cultivating additional support among foundations and donors for the use of video in human rights campaigns via strong-evidence based research on impact.
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