Happy 20th Birthday WITNESS

[Source: WITNESS, June 1, 2012]

For 20 years, WITNESS has been empowering activists to expose human rights abuse through video. Together, they have seen men, women and children speak out about the injustices they have experienced, filmed their stories to share with the world, and changed lives. WITNESS could not have done this without your support.
Over the next 20 days, WITNESS looks forward to sharing some of the new tools they are developing and championing some of the powerful partnerships you support.
Last week, in collaboration with Storyful, WITNESS launched a new dedicated global channel for human rights video on YouTube. This channel will be more than just a collection of videos, it will be the hub for a growing community of citizens who believe that human rights are universal and must be protected.

Watch WITNESS’ new video reflecting on 20 years of exposing the truth, one video at a time.