Media Ideation Fellowships Launch

[Source: Media Ideation]

A talent & technology accelerator for tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs.

Technology connects and mobilizes more communities for change than ever before. The potential for solutions to some of our toughest social issues is great. Yet the landscape for would-be social entrepreneurs remains difficult to navigate. It often comes without a safety net. Bringing an idea to scale is time consuming and challenging—and without smart guidance, a project may be obsolete before it even gets off the ground.

What’s needed now is a nurturing space for social change leaders to incubate, iterate, and launch solutions to some of our nation’s most difficult economic, environmental, and social justice issues.

That’s why we created the Media Ideation FellowshipSM program: To support promising early career professionals and graduate students in the development of technology that advances progressive social change. We’re tapping a wellspring of ideas for social good through the strategic support of tomorrow’s progressive innovators.

The fellowship is for critical thinkers with a proven track record of making impact in social, civic, academic, or professional arenas. We’re investing in individuals who:

  • Know how to use technology to advance progressive social change
  • Are collaborative team players that recognize the value of personal relationships in making and sustaining change
  • Understand the power of a well-told story—and are outstanding storytellers

In our inaugural year, we will award a limited number of fellowships to early career professionals and graduate students. All fellows will receive a stipend and be paired with an experienced mentor who will nurture them in the development of new ideas, tools, and technologies for social change. Projects may take many forms—a design, plan, widget, mobile app, Web site, software program, code or algorithm. Applications open in Fall 2012.

The Media Ideation FellowshipSM program is offered through the Instructional Telecommunications Foundation.