Charles Benton Receives Everett C. Parker Award

[Source: OC Inc., September 25, 2012]

Charles Benton, chairman of the board of Benton Foundation, received the Everett C. Parker Award on September 25, in recognition of his many years of leadership and support for promoting the public interest in digital and traditional media. The 30th Annual Everett C. Parker Ethics in Telecommunications Lecture in Washington, sponsored by the United Church of Christ’s Office of Communication, Inc. (OC Inc.), celebrates the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Parker, who launched the battle a half century ago to establish the public’s right to intervene in the awarding of broadcast licenses in the United States.

In his remarks, Benton highlighted what he said were the three guiding principles of Parker’s advocacy: work driven by an ethical foundation, patience and a willingness to take on difficult challenges. Benton recalled how Parker had inspired him as he took over the helm of the foundation that his family had started. “As Everett was trying to give voice to the voiceless, I was trying to find my own voice in carrying on his work and building on the public service traditions of my family, especially through the Benton Foundation.” The text of Benton’s prepared remarks is available online.