The Future of the Public Airwaves as a Common Asset and a Public Good

Watch or listen to the speech given by Mark Cooper, director of research for the Consumer Federation of America, at the funders briefing, "The Future of the Public Airwaves as a Common Asset ...

Fair Use Best Practice Statement from Center for Social Media

 Faced with a growing array of copyright problems, filmmakers and their national organizations have worked with scholars at American University to create a Documentary Filmmakers' Statement ...

Community Internet—Map of current projects nation-wide

TV, telephone, radio and the Web will all soon be delivered via the Internet over a broadband connection. New wireless and wired technologies allow local governments, public-private ...

Net Neutrality Resources

Net Neutrality resources including a handful of links to timely stories and campaigns to learn more about the issues and the impact the current net ...

2005 Ford Foundation Funder Briefing Reports

Download reports and transcripts from the three-part series of funder briefings entitled "Democracy at Stake? Current Issues in Electronic Media Policy and the Future of the Public Sphere."

Media Policy Glossary

Basic Terms and Concepts Airwaves - refers to the electromagnetic spectrum that transmits radio, TV, wireless and other signals. Non-technical term.

Council on Foundations Clarifies Lobbying Rules for Foundations and Non-Profits

This document, prepared by the Council on Foundations, outlines some of the regulations that govern lobbying and advocacy by foundations.

Why Fund Media

In 2002 the Council and GFEM co-published the booklet "Why Fund Media" that explores ways that grantmakers have supported innovative media projects to further their program goals. Read ...