Stories from the Field

We Need a 'Truth' Campaign for Digital Literacy and Data Tracking

[Source: MediaShift, by Josh Stearns, November 13, 2012]
Earlier this year, Bill Diggins, a marketing executive at Verizon Wireless, revealed a chilling fact about how much information the company collects about its customers. "We're able to view just ...

An unusual pubTV marriage

[Source: CUrrent, by Dru Sefton, October 24, 2012]
  The merger of KCET in Los Angeles and satellite programmer Link TV pairs two noncommercial outlets with a shared focus on serving non-traditional public TV audiences, complementary ...

The Fight Over PBS Should Be to Broaden Its Scope, Not to Threaten It

[Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy, by Vincent Stehle, October 28, 2012]
If Big Bird were on the ballot on Election Day, he’d probably win in a landslide. But in our closely divided partisan election cycle, public broadcasting has once again become a sign of divided ...

Africa: Tracking Killers and Healers - a Research and Reporting Collaboration

[Source: AllAfrica, by Tami Hultman, October 8, 2012]
Over the past several weeks, AllAfrica's crack investigative team has documented scientists acting strangely. At summits, symposia and scholarly consultations – and in exclusive interviews – ...

Robert R. McCormick Foundation Funds Community-Based Approaches to News Literacy

[Source: Robert R. McCormick Foundation, October 3, 2012]
“Why News Matters” Grants Encourage Citizen Engagement

How Transmedia Storytelling Could Revolutionize Documentary Filmmaking

[Source: MediaShift, by Amanda Lin Costa, September 27, 2012]
While documentary films have come a long way since 2004 when Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 became the highest-grossing documentary of all time, paving the way for feature documentaries to carry ...

Producing a Collaborative Media Fellowship Model at Stanford

[Source: MediaShift, by Geoff McGhee, September 26, 2012]
In our small lab at Stanford University, we've been prototyping new models of collaboration that bring journalists together with university researchers and scholars. We're eager to share them ...

Anti-Bullying Summit Kicks Off in San Francisco

[Source: ABC News KGO, by Lyanne Melendez, September 13, 2012]
and [Source: Mercury News, by Katy Murphy, September 17, 2012]

Rethink Afghanistan: Study of Effectiveness and Messaging Success

[Source: Brave New Foundation, August 17, 2012]
In January 2009, the media narrative in the U.S. favored increasing the number of troops in Afghanistan, bending the public opinion in favor of the same. Understanding the national catastrophe ...

How Governments and Telecom Companies Work Together on Surveillance Laws

[Source:, by Ryan Gallagher, August 14, 2012]
It isn’t a coincidence that the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are proposing similar laws to permit monitoring of Internet communications.   Governments ...