Stories from the Field

Should There Be More 3D Documentaries? Could Any Documentary Classics Be Converted to 3D?

[Source: indieWIRE, by Christopher Campbell, October 12, 2011]
Between the two James Cameron-related events I covered this week for, I can’t shake wondering about the two questions posed in the headline.

Piracy May Be an Indie Filmmaker’s Best Friend: Discuss.

[Source: indieWIRE, by Anthony Kaufman, October 12, 2011]
Piracy might be a filmmaker’s best friend. Or at least not their worst enemy.Despite the conventional wisdom that BitTorrent websites and illegal downloading are destroying the fabric of ...

Social Justice Documentary: Designing for Impact

[Source: Center for Social Media, October 10, 2011]
Over the past decade, a lively debate has emerged around questions of how best to assess the rising impact of social issue documentaries.

The Importance of Net Neutrality in the Emerging and Developing World

[Source: Access, September 27, 2011]
New report finds an end to net neutrality will lead to increased global poverty

Net Neutrality Rules Published, Lawsuits Soon to Follow

[Source: Wired, by Ryan Singel, September 23, 2011]
The FCC has finally officially published long-delayed rules prohibiting cable, DSL and wireless Internet companies from blocking websites and requiring them to disclose how they slow down or ...

Why USF Reform Matters

[Source: Light Reading, by Carol Wilson, September 26, 2011]
The battle over Universal Service Fund reform isn't grabbing the kind of headlines that other regulatory squabbles are, but it is a significant issue for the U.S. telecom market for multiple ...

Online Gamers Crack AIDS Enzyme Puzzle

[Source: Plugged In, by AFP, September 19, 2011]
Online gamers have achieved a feat beyond the realm of Second Life or Dungeons and Dragons: they have deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus that had thwarted scientists for a ...

Freedom of the Press Applies to Everyone - Yes, Even Bloggers

[Source: GigaOm, by Mathew Ingram, September 15, 2011]
If there’s one thing that events such as the recent riots in Britain and protests in California have shown, it’s that mobile devices and social tools like Twitter and YouTube have effectively made ...

Not In Our Town: ‘Public Media At Its Best’ Seeks Civility

[Source: CUrrent, by Dru Sefton, August 29, 2011]
A movement against hate crimes called Not In Our Town, spawned by a 1995 documentary on PBS, has come to represent many things. To the executive producer, NIOT is a way to help viewers counter ...

House Members Want FCC to License More Low-Power FM Stations

[Source: The Hill, by Gautham Nagesh, September 8, 2011]
Twenty-eight House members wrote to the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday urging the agency to license as many low-power FM radio stations as possible while implementing the terms of ...