Stories from the Field

Storytelling: Digital Technology Allows Us to Tell Tales in Innovative New Ways

[Source: The Guardian, by Aleks Krotoski, August 6, 2011]
As the tools available to publishers grow more sophisticated, it's up to us to experiment and see what sticks

Five Ways Museums Are Reaching Digital Audiences

[Source: Mashable, by Zoe Fox, August 11, 2011]
If the last time you were in a museum you were being shuffled in a single-file line by an aging docent, you may be surprised by the dynamic lives these institutions lead in the digital ...

Two New Funds for Doc Filmmakers from BRITDOC and the Bertha Foundation

[Source: Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation, November 23, 2011]
Today at IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), a major new partnership was announced at a panel dedicated to the discussion of new funding. The Bertha Foundation is investing ...

What Happens When Journalism Is Everywhere?

[Source: GigaOm, by Mathew Ingram, November 18, 2011]
When the Arab Spring demonstrations were under way in Egypt’s Tahrir Square and reports were streaming out through Twitter and Facebook and text messages and cell phone videos, it was easy to feel ...

The Revolution Will Be Live-Streamed: Global Revolution TV, the Occupy Movement’s Video Hub

[Source: Democracy Now!, November 18, 2011]
For the past two months, a website called Global Revolution TV has become the main video hub for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Featuring live video feeds from New York and dozens of other ...

No Internet? No Problem. Use SMS, Radio, Software and Creativity

[Source: Media Shift - Idea Lab, by Melissa Ulbricht, October 21, 2011]
In Uganda, where many lack access to the Internet, people can engage with local radio stations to make informed choices and hold their leaders accountable. Using SMS and a new tool, TRAC FM, ...

Radio Bilingüe's Public Radio Journalism Breaks into SF

[Source: Radio Bilingüe, November 18, 2011]
Línea Abierta (“Open Line”) is the first and only Spanish-language talk show in the public broadcasting system. While it is produced daily out of studios in Oakland and carried by more than 100 ...

Occupy Crackdown Targets Journalists

[Source:, by Josh Stearns, November 15, 2011]
For the past two months I have been tracking journalist arrests at Occupy protests around the country. Tuesday, Nov. 15, was the worst day yet in terms of police suppression of the press.   It all ...

The Pivotal Role of Public Television - A Keynote Address

[Source: The Huffington Post, by Bill Moyers, November 16, 2011]
This is excerpted from a November 10, 2011 keynote speech Bill Moyers delivered to public television representatives from around the country at American Public Television's annual conference. APT ...