Stories from the Field

New York Times Picks a New CEO

[Source: Free Press, by Josh Stearns, August 15, 2012]
  Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, has been named the new CEO of the New York Times. The choice of Thompson comes just weeks after the Times announced that it now ...

There’s Only One Truly Open Platform

[Source: GigaOm, by Matthew Ingram, August 10, 2012]
As Twitter and Facebook continue to fight a variety of skirmishes in the ongoing “platform wars,” with both companies trying to control as much of their networks as they can in order ...

Imagine an Internet without Limits: Share Your Ideas in the Mozilla Ignite Apps Challenge

[Source: ZeroDivide, by Laura Efurd, June 14, 2012]
Imagine an Internet so powerful that it is virtually unlimited. What kind of world would this be? How would it change our society and solve our most pressing social issues?

How a Web App Can Help Nonprofits Tell Better Stories and Raise Cash

[Source: Fast Company, by Jeremy Lehrer, July 2, 2012]
Tomorrow Partners introduces a free, open-source tool designed to help nonprofits tell their stories. Here, they share the guiding principles behind its creation.

The Emerging Political Force of the Network of Networks

[Source: O'Reilly Radar, by Alex Howard, June 22, 2012]
12 talks from the 2012 Personal Democracy Forum worth watching and sharing.

Chicago Local Reporting Awards Initiative Evaluation Report

[Source: The Chicago Community Trust, by Ngoan Le, June 12, 2012]
If you’re concerned about the paucity of good reporting on issues facing low-income communities, you might want to take a look at the results of a recent experimental initiative by a collaborative ...

Happy 20th Birthday WITNESS

[Source: WITNESS, June 1, 2012]
For 20 years, WITNESS has been empowering activists to expose human rights abuse through video. Together, they have seen men, women and children speak out about the injustices they have ...

Citizens Get Conflicting Messages About Their Right to Record

[Source: MediaShift, by Josh Stearns, May 29, 2012]
This month, federal agencies and local officials sent two powerful but conflicting messages to the American public about our right to record.   On May 14, the Justice Department submitted a

Tech Suits Endanger Innovation

[Source: The New York Times, by Eduardo Porter, May 29, 2012]
Casual observers would find little in common between the smartphones in their pockets and the funky backbeat of the Beastie Boys’ "Car Thief." But these two creations will go down together in the ...

The First Amendment Should Protect Everyone's Right to Record

[Source: MediaShift, by Josh Stearns, May 14, 2012]
Since September, police have arrested dozens of journalists and activists around the country for the "crime" of trying to document political protests in public spaces. People using smartphones and ...